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Activity 5 Topic 5


Populism Bingo



Expected learning outcomes

By the end of this activity, students will be able to:


  • Understand what populism means 

  • Identify examples of populism in the political speeches spread in the media 

  • Recognise ways not to be influenced by such messages


Critical thinking, game-based learning

Required resources

Populism Bingo:


Populism Bingo aims to promote media literacy, active citizenship, democracy and freedom of speech, by analysing political discourse through a game-based approach. 

Populism has become a widespread topic for discussion, but often remains vague in its definition. 

The present activity does not focus on the concept of populism itself; rather, it is meant to spur discussion departing from the analysis of political speeches in different forms, e.g.: TV shows, videos, radio interviews, internet articles. 


You can use the bingo card as a framework to analyse different messages spread by media, containing examples of populist discourses.


Step 1. 10 min

Introduce the concept of populism to your students. 

Here are some definitions:

  1. BBC. What is populism, and what does the term actually mean?:

  2. Britannica. Populism:

  3. Cambridge dictionary:


  1. Collins:

  2. Populism Bingo:


Step 2. 60 min

Select a series of political speeches. They may be: 

  • News on the web

  • Tweets 

  • Social media posts

  • TV shows 

  • Radio interviews 


Be curious: the Internet is full of them!

The one who first checks all the boxes in their bingo card is the winner: Bingo!

Relevant topics for discussion

  • What political speech surprised you more?

  • Do you often encounter such messages on the Internet?

  • How would you behave if a social media post offends someone else?

  • How can we help prevent such occurrences?

  • Which elements can be detected in the speeches shown?

Original source

Retrieved from:

Originally developed by:, website: CC BY 3.0

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