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Activity 3 Topic 4




1-2 h

Expected learning outcomes

By the end of this activity, students will be able to:


  • Recognise, control and share personal emotions and experiences

  • Apply proper communication and teamwork competences to reach a consensus 

  • Use empathy when interacting with other people 

  • Establish deeper interpersonal relationships by discovering other people’s experiences and understand their feelings


Storytelling, SEL

Required resources

  • A room large enough to organise groups

  • Pieces of paper and pens if participants need to take notes

  • Images about discrimination – you can use the images in Activity 1, search new ones on the web or ask students to draw them


We suggest to implement this activity following Activity 1 and 2. 

Step 1. 

  • Divide your students in smaller groups and ask them to create a positive story about discrimination: the story consists of 6 images – you can print them or draw them; you can also write a text with them.

  • Students tell or read their text to the group. Everyone needs to participate, but not everyone needs to do the same amount of work (for instance, if someone from the group do not feel comfortable in presenting in front of others, do not force him/her)

Step 2.

  • Each group presents their own story by reaching the middle of the plenary circle. 

  • After each presentation, 3 students from the circle will choose one word (you can use Annex I. from Activity 1), to describe what they thought of the presentation. This word expresses their “opinion”.

Step 3. 

  • At the end of all presentations, each student will select the story that is more impressive for them (they are not allowed to choose their own story!).

  • Ask them to think about or note down what specifically impressed or touched them in the story.

  • Now create groups of 2 persons: they will discuss between them what they think is impressive from the stories. Afterward, they will share their opinions in the circle. 

  • Explain to each pair: as you share with the large group, explain what touched or impressed you and how it is connected with your own life.

Relevant topics for discussion

  • Did the story remind you something of your own experience?

  • Can you identify specific elements in common with other participants?

  • Did you consider other people’s stories as examples of discrimination? Did you learn something new about other people’s perspective?

Original source

Share stories, photos and videos from your class while using this Activity!

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