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Activity 2 Topic 2


Co-creating stories


30 minutes or more depending on the number of participants

Expected learning outcomes

By the end of this activity, students will be able to:


  • Gain confidence and trust in the group, getting to know each other

  • Recognise the necessary elements of a story and its basic structure

  • Tell stories with their peers


Storytelling, active listening


This activity will help you introduce the students to storytelling, making them

cooperate on the creation of a story.
The activity can be implemented by the entire group, by sitting in a circle or by
dividing it in smaller groups of 4 people, or in pairs.

The teacher will act as a facilitator and ask questions to the participants, starting
with “Once upon a time, there was a…”. Thus, the teacher will pose the following
questions and one participant will respond to each of them


  1. Who is the story about?

  2. Where did that person live and with whom?

  3. “Every day…” what was happening?

  4. “But one day…” what happened?

  5. “So today…” what are the consequences today?

  6. What are the lessons learned?

Finally, the story will be told to the whole group. Per each question, the facilitator
may decide to ask more details.

Hints for teachers:
With mixed levels of linguistic competences, you can work with ‘whisperers’ who
can suggest ideas into somebody ‘s ears as an inspiration. When somebody with
poor language skills is in turn, then you, as a teacher, can take the lead and let
them answer closed questions with two possibilities about the topic.
It helps a lot to draw the story for everyone!

Relevant topics for

  • What are the necessary elements to include in a story?

  • How did the tone of voice/gestures influence the impact of the story?

  • What aspects were more difficult for you and what would you like to improve?

Original source

This activity was retrieved from LISTEN. Learning from intercultural storytelling. The LISTEN Manual. “Creating stories” (p. 36):

Share stories, photos and videos from your class while using this Activity!

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