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Activity 5 Topic 2


How to become a digital storyteller?


2h – but it can be carried out during longer periods of time

Expected learning outcomes

By the end of this activity, students will be able to:


  • Recognise and value cultural diversity

  • Apply critical thinking skills to overcome prejudices and stereotypes

  • Discuss the reasons behind migratory flows and understand differences in life experiences

  • Use enhanced linguistic competences


Digital storytelling

Required resources

Internet Access



This activity can contribute to strengthening students’ linguistic and digital skills. It can help them understand each other, their struggles, differences and similarities and allow foreign students to be more involved with classmates.

Important note: in order to avoid enhancing the digital gap among students, teachers should make sure that all students have access to the digital resources needed for this activity (e.g.: internet connection; digital devices). Before the activity, give clear instructions and invite participants to ask for clarifications.


  • Give each participant a large sheet of paper.

  • Explain they have to draw a winding pathway and a circle at its middle.

  • On the left, they will write: “road already travelled”.

  • On the right, they will write: “the path yet to come”.

  • Now, give them some guidelines, following the 4 steps below (you can also download/print them from Annex I.)


Step 1. - 30 min

  • Divide the class in pairs. 

  • Each pair will think about a made-up character who had to leave his/her country and move abroad.  

  • Have students try to identify themselves with this character.  


Step 2. - 30 min 


Step 3. - 60 min 

  • Now give time to your students to prepare their story on StoryMaps/Blogger and show to the rest of the class.

Relevant topics for

Students can learn more about the struggle of moving abroad; how do they feel in the new country? Is it hard to learn the language? Do they have friends in school? Is homework easy despite the language barriers?

Share stories, photos and videos from your class while using this Activity!

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