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Activity 6 Topic 2




1h approximately

Expected learning outcomes

By the end of this activity, students will be able to:


  • Apply logic skills

  • Show cooperation among students 

  • Use imagination and creativity


Critical thinking, storytelling through images

Required resources

Dixit card game


Dixit is a well-known card game, that can help practice storytelling skills in a funny way.

Step 1. 

  • Each player is given 6 cards (that the other players are not supposed to see). 

  • Each turn, one player is the storyteller; they have to choose one card from the 6 they have been given and make up a sentence to say out loud (no limits to what the sentence can be, students are free to use their imagination). 

  • The first student who has found a sentence declares they’ll be the storyteller for the first turn. 


Step 2. 

  • The other players select among the 6 images the one that best matches the sentence made up by the storyteller. 

  • Then, each player gives the chosen card to the storyteller, who shuffles all cards together (their cards and all those given by the other players). 


Step 3. 

  • All the cards will be then placed on the table face up, and the goal of the players is to find which image is from the storyteller. 

  • Each player has to vote secretly (and the storyteller does not vote). 

  • Players cannot vote for their own card.


Step 4.

  • The objective is to make an association easy enough to be understood by other players, but not too easy to be guessed by all of them. 

  • Each player is scored on the following criteria: 

    • If all players successfully detected the card, then the active player receives 0 points, and the other players all receive 2 points.

    • If no players find the active players true card, then the active player again gets 0 points, but the other players get 2 points +1 point per vote for their own card. 

    • If at least one, but not all players, voted for the active player’s true card then the active player receives 3 points, and the players who found the card also receive 3 points and 1 additional point for each vote for their own card, while the remaining players would receive 0 points if their card was voted for.


The first player to reach the end of the scoreboard by scoring 30 points in total wins the game.

Relevant topics for

This game can help students to create a sense of unity among them.

Original source

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