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Activity 2 Topic 5


Promoting & protecting own rights


85 min

Expected learning outcomes

By the end of this activity, students will be able to:


  • Identify EU common values and rights and effective ways to achieve them

  • Understand what it means to be an EU citizen

  • Discover different approaches and opportunities for active citizenship


Role play, problem-solving, critical thinking, theatre

Required resources


Annex I. List of rights and key-words


A lot of people are ignorant when it comes to their own rights. In this activity, the participants will be exposed to stories about people with migrant background who made some changes in their life.


Step 1. 20 min 

Select a story from and analyse it with the class. [you may also use other sources]


Step 2. 10 min 

Now create smaller groups of 3-4 students. They will analyse a specific EU right related to the story (the main character may strive to attain it or have reached it; students may identify which right is not recognised to that person…). 

They will discuss:

How can you help others achieve this right?

What can be done at EU level to promote it? 


To help students in this activity, you may use the list of rights and the key-words in

Annex I. 


Step 3. 40 min

Each group will prepare a short dialogue and present their scene in front of the class. As in a role-play, groups will be divided in:

  • A migrant or a person lacking that right

  • EU citizen

  • EU politician 

  • Observers (who will summarise the decisions/actions taken) 


Step 4. 15 min

Group discussion: 


  • What are our rights and duties as EU citizens?

  • How can we exercise our rights without harming others?

  • How can we achieve them?

  • Can you find any difference in the rights of different countries?

  • How can we contribute to promoting common values and rights as EU citizens?

  • How should the EU improve its approach to the promotion of specific rights?

Share stories, photos and videos from your class while using this Activity!

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