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Activity 3 Topic 5


The swimming pool


50 minutes

Expected learning outcomes

By the end of this activity, students will be able to:


  • Use communication and negotiation abilities to address authorities 

  • Recognise own rights and opportunities to intervene 

  • Understand what it means to be an active citizen and effective advocate


Critical thinking, role-play


Annex I.  Roles description


This is a role play activity where participants will exercise their ability to negotiate / facilitate an agreement during a meeting and also to communicate effectively in general with policy makers and others with decision making roles.

This activity deals with how effectively address authorities and thus have an impact on shaping youth strategy locally, in your region and country and even at EU level. 

In order to express your rights, improve your conditions, activate your community, or simply advance your ideas, you should be an active advocate. The question is how can you become an effective advocate?


Step 1. 5 min

Introduce the activity, explaining the objectives that are associated with the role-play activity and the situation.


Step 2. 10 min 

Organise participants into two groups and provide each of them with a role description: half of them will be politicians and the other half of the group will play the role of representatives of a youth association. They can ask you questions but should not explain their role to components of the other group. 

Now create pairs formed by one component from each group. 


Step 3. 20 min

Give the group few minutes to read their role.

They will have 7 minutes to conduct the role play and then ask to switch the roles they play for other 7 minutes.


Step 4. 15 min 

Debriefing: after the role play, stimulate an open discussion

Relevant topics for discussion

  • How did you feel to be in the shoes of…?

  • Which abilities would you need to be effective as representative of a youth association?

  • Which means would you use to collect everyone’s ideas?

  • What would be your priorities as local councillor?

  • Do you feel heard by local authorities in your community? Try to think about possible topics to present to them and ways to be heard.

  • Have you ever been involved in initiatives for local development?

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