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Activity 4 Topic 5


Roleplay Kingdom


40 minutes

Expected learning outcomes

By the end of this activity, students will be able to:


  • Distinguish main elements of being active and passive  

  • Demonstrate why everybody’s voice matters  

  • Explain what can be done if people cooperate and participate


Critical thinking, role-play


Annex I.  Roles description


This is a roleplay game to show an example of how active citizenship should look like. It is based on the imaginary story of a kingdom where everybody has a different opinion and attitude to active citizenship. Purpose of this game is to make people think about how the action of one person can influence the others.


Additional information/tips:

You will facilitate each group – interrupt only in case of explaining what to do - To encourage people, if they don’t like the activity don’t give up.

Prepare papers with roles.


Step 1. Introduction 5 min

  • In the introduction do not explain the roles just explain participants that they are going to act according to these roles.



  • King who orders higher taxes - in control 

  • A person who always agrees with the king - follower 

  • A person who always complains and does nothing – beer guy 

  • A person who has a voice and tries to make a change - active 

  • A person who doesn’t care about anything – passive


  • Divide participants into groups of 5 

  • Make them pick a random role


Step 2. Role playing 10 min

Now give them time to read their role and play


Step 3. Changing roles (2) 10 min

Later change it to see the difference: 

  • King stays the same 

  • one who always agrees stays the same  

  • one who does nothing can involve himself in activities 

  • one who just complains does something 

  • one active wanting change stays the same


Step 4. Discussion 15 min

  • Discuss feelings

  • Explain the rationale of the game

Relevant topics for discussion

  • Ask people to describe how they felt in their roles in contrast 

  • Did you like being active? 

  • Do you think that you can make a change and that the change matters? 

  • What can you do to change the system?

Original source

Retrieved from: Erasmus+ project Active European for Active Citizenship: 

Developed by: Simona Starinska, Slovakia; Alicja Kończyk, Poland; Monika Maguder, Poland


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